Amazon hosts almost half of the world's top malware distributors

Thousands upon thousands of people use Amazon Web Services to host their websites, including some of the most tenacious malware distributors in the world. A new study from IT security firm Solutionary reveals the top 10 sites that distribute the most malware. Amazon hosts four of them, including the top malware hosting site,

Amazon’s cloud computing service plays host to some of the most prolific malware distributors on the Internet, security researchers have discovered. Of the 10 sites that pump out malware most frequently, four are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) — including the number one site,, according to a threat report published Wednesday by the IT security firm Solutionary. The report comes a week after we learned that hackers allegedly used Amazon’s cloud hosting solution as a platform for a botnet that scraped personal information from potentially millions of LinkedIn subscribers.

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