"Aura" health gadget designed to give you the perfect sleeping experience

 Withings is launching the Aura, a new device designed to help give you the perfect sleeping experience. The first part of the device is a sleep sensor that is designed to sit underneath your mattress and monitor your breathing, heart rate, and motion in order to better understand the way you sleep. The second part is a lamp that pumps out a glowing orange light designed to promote your melatonin, and a neon-blue is used to banish that same chemical in the morning. 

If you’re anything like us, then getting out of bed on a cold, dark winter’s morning is akin to raising the dead. Plenty of gadgets have promised to monitor our circadian rhythms and rouse us at the most biologically convenient time like the Zeo, but none have managed to totally win us over. That hasn’t deterred Withings, which is launching the Aura, a two-part device designed to help us with our shut-eye. The $300 Aura combines a movement sensor that sits beneath your mattress and an LED lamp that promises to relax you at night and gently rouse you in the morning. The unit also promises custom light-and-sound patterns that’ll help with power napping, getting over jet lag and chilling out with a good book. Naturally, all of this data will be fed into a mobile app, and we’re looking forward to comparing this against our Philips Wake-up Light when it arrives in the spring.

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