Creators of BitCloud want to decentralize the internet

Ambitious developers have revealed a project that aims to create a decentralised internet, where all storing, routing and bandwidth is carried out by nodes run by users. Inspired by Bitcoin, ‘the BitCloud’ is currently in very early stages, but the developers aim to provide a service similar to most ISPs by using individuals that are paid for performing the routing, storage and bandwidth operations themselves.

An ambitious project has been launched that the developers hope could one day replace the current internet. Bitcloud aims to harness the same methods used to mine Bitcoins, to provide services currently controlled by internet service providers (ISPs) and corporations. Individuals would perform tasks such as storing, routing and providing bandwidth, in return for payment. The founders are searching for developers for the project. “We will start by decentralising the current internet, and then we can create a new internet to replace it,” they said.

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