Google-acquired Nest CEO promises transparent policy changes

Nest CEO Tony Fadell promised in an interview that any privacy policy changes that could follow after Google purchased his company will be transparent and opt-in for users. The exec said in an interview at the DLD Conference in Munich that there are no new privacy policy changes at this time, and the data collected by the company only pertains to “products and improving them.”

Following last week’s Google acquisition, Nest chief executive Tony Fadell has vowed to make any alterations to its privacy policy opt-in, and to be transparent about such changes to all of its users. In an interview at the DLD Conference in Munich, he said there were no changes at the moment, and said any data that it collected from users was to be used for improving its range of smart and well-designed home automation products. “At this point, there are no changes,” Fadell explained. “The data that we collect is all about our products and improving them.”

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