Google Glass app makes sure you don't fall asleep at the wheel

Ever since Google officially took the wraps off Google Glass, lawmakers have been understandably worried about idiots who wear Glass while driving and get into accidents because they were up-voting cat pictures on Reddit instead of watching the road. But even though there are some very valid reasons to consider banning wearing Glass while driving, there are some potential Glass applications that could save drivers’ lives instead of ending them.

Some cars can detect when a driver is falling asleep at the wheel and so too can Google Glass. DriveSafe is a new app for Google’s wearable headset that uses the sensors inside Glass to detect if you’re nodding off while driving. Google Glass owners will have to sideload the software directly on to Glass at the moment; it’s not yet available through Google’s MyGlass application. Once loaded, the app is enabled by speaking “OK Glass, keep me awake.” From then on, the app monitors you as you drive around and send both an audible and visual alert to jolt your awareness if it detects you’re falling asleep. The software can then help guide you to the nearest rest stop for a break. Users can turn off the sleep detection function by swiping to a Stop option in DriveSafe.

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