Google releases Google Play Movies & TV for iOS devices

Google today released a Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, allowing iPhone and iPad users to watch movies and TV shows that have been purchased on Google Play. In addition to providing a way for iOS users to stream Google Play content directly to their devices, the app is also a boon for Chromecast users with iOS devices, as it will let them stream movies and TV shows purchased from Google Play to the Chromecast device.

Readers know I use all the smartphone platforms and because of that I prefer to use apps and services that support multiple platforms. In November I wrote how Google makes the iOS experience fantastic for Google service users and today they went a bit further (still not far enough though) with the release of Google Play Movies & TV for iOS. Long time iOS users may not care about this release since they likely get their video content from iTunes. Switchers who have purchased Google Play content will appreciate the better access to this content, but this release is not much different than what we had before with YouTube.

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