Linksys is bringing back its beloved, hackable WRT router

The WRT family of Linksys routers used to be extremely popular and, despite being largely discontinued a decade ago, continues to sell one of the models. The popularity and longevity of the WRT routers is due to its open-source firmware that allows hackers to create custom software builds. However, the only model that is still being sold, the WRT54G, still uses the outdated wireless-G. Fortunately, Linksys will be reviving the beloved line of routers and adding dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Remember Linksys’ WRT family of routers? Based on the number of user reviews for the WRT54G alone, we think some of you do. For the uninitiated, however, the WRT line became something a cult favorite thanks to its open-source firmware, which allowed hackers to build custom software builds, and even introduce new features from time to time. Though the line was largely discontinued in 2004, Linksys continued to make a single model, which still sells to this day, despite the fact that it uses wireless-G.

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