One of the rarest games in existence sells for $99,902 on eBay

There rare, and then there’s RARE. The NES’ Nintendo World Championship game is considered one of the most sought after possessions of a video game collector. So how much does one of the rarest video games ever go for? You’d be surprised. An auction has just ended for an NES cart of Nintendo World Championship, and it sold for a mind-blowing $99,902. The auction began at $4,999 and quickly accelerated toward the six-figure mark during the final two hours of auction.

It looks like the drinks are on eBay seller muresan this weekend, as the rare Nintendo game cartridge he put up on eBay has sold for a stunning $99,902. Nintendo World Championship is a rare promo cart that was given out to 90 winners of a special contest run back in 1991. Despite only being in an “acceptable” condition, the item has attracted a huge amount of interest. There is reason for scepticism, though: a rarer, gold version of the same game fetched only $18,000 in 2010, and was in better condition too. Whether muresan receives his money or has been the victim of a coordinated shill bidding strategy remains to be seen. If the bid and payment are confirmed, this would be the highest amount ever paid for a single video game.

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