Samsung said to be working on a Google Glass competitor

An unnamed Samsung spokesperson cited by The Korea Times suggests that Samsung may be attempting to beat Google Glass to a public launch with its Galaxy Glass or Gear Glass device. Samsung suggests that its smart glass product may be launched at the IFA in September. 

Samsung was early to market with asmartwatch in the Galaxy Gear, and now it looks like it might be one of the first in the mix with a glasses-based computing device. A new report from the Korea Times (viaVerge) suggests that Samsung is currently developing a Google Glass competitor, which is in fact provisionally named “Galaxy Glass,” set for launch in September at the annual IFA tech conference. Google has yet to put a firm timeline on the consumer launch of its own Google Glass wearable computer, which is available to developers and early adopters via Google’s ‘Explorer’ program. Some reports had suggested a general launch for late 2013, but then later information from Google revised the release timeline to sometime in 2014. Samsung could conceivably beat Google to the punch, but as we saw with the Galaxy Gear, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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