Sony reportedly blocking benchmarking apps on prototype phones

If there is one way that new smartphones or tablets are leaked, it is through the use of benchmarks. Benchmarking software/apps are commonly used to determine how powerful a device is and also how it compares to the rest of the competition and to see where it is performing and where it isn’t. Unfortunately some of these benchmarks used are public websites, meaning that those who are constantly combing for information will stumble across new and unannounced devices. 

Sony is trying to do its best to stop leaks of its upcoming devices; we’ve been aware of this since last year when basically almost everything about the Xperia Z1 got leaked. Similarly, we are starting to see more and more Xperia Z2 (Z1 follow-up) leaks surface, but Sony has come up with a neat way to at least try to protect the information, contents, and internals of its prototype devices. As you can see in the screenshot above, the installation of a benchmark application, namely AnTuTu, is being blocked with a nasty message on this particular device. Now, if the picture is accurate and no Photoshop hocus-pocus is involved, it might shed some light on Sony’s efforts to keep things under wraps, or, in this particular case, applications off of prototype phones. This way, details about hardware and software on pre-production units, are less likely to get leaked.

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