SteamOS receives support for both Intel and AMD

For those of you who are rocking on to both AMD and Intel customers, it does not really matter as to which particular platform you are using, as we have now received word that SteamOS will be able to support both. The Steam Universe group was recently updated with word that SteamOS will now boast support for AMD and Intel GPUs.

The Steam Universe group was updated on Wednesday with news that SteamOS now has support for AMD and Intel GPUs. Unfortunately, Optimus solutions – those with Nvidia discrete GPUs plus Intel integrated graphics with dynamic switching – are still unsupported at this time. “This update upgrades the Catalyst driver in our repositories with a preview release. This build should fix the poor in-game performance and malfunctioning return to desktop functionality,”writes Valve’s Pierre-Loup A. Griffais. “Known problems include tearing and poor overlay performance in-game; please install them and post your feedback!”

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