The Lux camera is completely open-source, DIY, and 3D printed

“Do-it-yourself” can mean a lot of things, but for camera dweebs, it’s usually entailed some degree of scavenging and recycling parts from factory-made cameras. Grad student and specialty camera builder Kevin Kadooka understands the ease and accessibility of the practice but doesn’t think it’s sustainable, eventually we’ll run out of old cameras to cannibalize.

Just yesterday we showed you a tutorial on how to build a digital point-and-shoot camera using Raspberry Pi. Now a mechanical engineering student, Kevin Kadooka, has created a sophisticated medium-format camera based around the Arduino platform, including the box made from a 3D printer. The Lux is a blend of analog and digital. Controlling the camera is an Arduino microcontroller, but it exposes photos onto 120 film, not a sensor and SD card

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