Apple's iWatch will reportedly monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels

Apple’s iWatch may include optical sensors designed to measure physical functions like heart rate and oxygen levels, according to electronics analyst Sun Chang Xu of Chinese site Electrical Engineering Times, who cites supply chain sources with knowledge of the matter. Xu also indicated that while Apple had planned on glucose monitoring, non-invasive methods have proven to be highly inaccurate and thus may not be included in the final product.

Apple’s iWatch looks like it’s going to be the most advanced smartwatch yet. In fact, a lot of signs suggest it will be one of the most powerful general consumer-focused health wearables ever. In January, 9to5Mac said it had learned that Apple will add a Healthbook application to iOS 8 that will help users keep a constant track of their health. Yesterday, we saw a mock-up of what Healthbook might look like. Today, we’re learning how the technology might work. According to sources speaking to EET, Apple’s iWatch will be capable of monitoring your heart rate and blood oxygen levels using photoelectric sensors. In other words, it can do so using light. However, EET said that technology isn’t capable of providing blood glucose information, which some rumors have suggested the iWatch will be capable of doing. The company recently hired someone who has worked on blood monitoring products before,Marcelo Lamego, so he likely has a role in this research at Apple.

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