Big data startup BlueTalon is raising $1.5 million from Data Collective

BlueTalon, a big data startup that helps companies analyze information from both internal and external databases on-the-fly, is raising seed funding of $1.5 million from Data Collective. With the new funding, BlueTalon is also appointing Eric Tilenius, a former executive-in-residence at Scale Venture Partners, as its new CEO. Before joining Scale, Tilenius was CEO of two venture-backed startups: Netcentives and, both of which had successful IPOs.

Imagine your big data is the hottest nightclub in town. Everyone wants in. But as the owner, you have to be picky. BlueTalon is your bouncer. BlueTalon has developed a means to only grant access to certain slices of the data to certain employees, who can then analyze the data with business-intelligence software or push it into applications. The idea was interesting enough to persuade Data Collective to give BlueTalon $1.5 million in seed funding, according to a press release the startup issued today. BlueTalon supports a slew of databases where companies can store data, whether it’s a nonrelational database like MongoDB, a more traditional relational database like IBM’s DB2, or the highly scalable Hadoop Distributed File System for unstructured data. BlueTalon brings together all the data a user has access to from multiple data sources. Sensitive data gets anonymized.

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