BlackBerry adds paid stickers to BBM

BlackBerry has added stickers to BBM, in a further attempt to push the instant messaging service among teen users. Featuring in the freshly-launched BBM Shop, the stockers will be available in virtual packs of 20-25, and feature both new characters as well as some from popular TV and movie franchises. Exactly which those will include is yet to be confirmed, though BlackBerry has said that CosCat, Gilbert’s Tales, and Bubble Bot will all get stickers at launch. Meanwhile, there’ll be a free BBM sticker pack of existing BBM emoticons, only larger.

What’s WhatsApp? Some hugely popular messaging service all the young kids are using. But wait, BlackBerry is still around, so use its BBM platform. Why? Because it now offers stickers, which you pay for in packs, kind of like a little kid would when making their binder “unique” and “fun.” BlackBerry said its stickers are bolder and more beautiful, “unlike emoji,” and make chats much more lively than simple text. “We can’t wait for you to meet the whole gang,” BlackBerry said on its blog. Packs include between 20 to 25 stickers relating to a theme or character: CosCat, Gilbert’s Tale, Bubble Bot and more. Stuff that definitely caters to BlackBerry’s business user base. The company’s bold new initiative is part of an external beta for stickers and the BBM Shop; some sticker packs will be available for free, though some will need to be purchased.

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