Dyson invests £5 million in a robotic vision laboratory

Dyson is a name familiar to consumers as the company has been known recently for their bladeless fans as well as vacuum cleaners, and now it looks like the company could be considering given the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner a run for its money as they have recently announced that they have invested £5 million into a robotic vision laboratory. The lab will be based at the Imperial College in London, with the College’s Professor, Andrew Davison, who will lead the work on developing new robotic vision systems.

Dyson, the engineering company best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, is to invest £5m in a robotics lab at Imperial College, London. The research will focus on vision systems that can help robots understand and adapt to the world around them, the company said. Dyson has been working on robotics with Imperial’s Prof Andrew Davison since 2005, and he will run the new lab. The research will cover domestic robots as well as robotic vacuum cleaners. Sir James Dyson said: “My generation believed the world would be overrun by robots by the year 2014. We now have the mechanical and electronic capabilities, but robots still lack understanding – seeing and thinking in the way we do. “Mastering this will make our lives easier and lead to previously unthinkable technologies.”

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  • RuthieTruthie

    If I could be in love with an innate object, it would be my Dyson vacuum cleaner. It cleans so good and is SO quiet

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