Fitbit issues voluntary recall for wristband due to skin irritations

Wearable tech maker Fitbit says it’s issuing a voluntary recall of its Force wristband after some users reported issues with skin irritation. In a letter posted on Fitbit’s website, CEO and co-founder James Park says the company will no longer sell the Force and plans to issue full refunds. Fitbit has set up a page for users who want to return their wristband.

After weeks of complaints surrounding a skin irritation on the wrist of new FitBit owners, the company has started a voluntary recall and has stopped selling the product for now. The FitBit Force is a logical evolution of the original FitBit. While the original is designed to be tucked away anywhere you see fit and has adapters for wearing on your wrist, the Force appealed specifically to those who wanted to wear it like a bracelet all the time. It has been met with terrific success, but unfortunately some users have experienced discomfort and even skin issues that has left the company with one quick option for resolving the issue. The FitBit Force has been pulled from shelves, and anyone who wants a refund will receive one for the retail price of the hardware. That’s how serious this issue is.

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