Google takes Fiber to the next level with 10-gigabit internet

According to Google CFO Patrick Pichette, the search giant is working on increasing Google Fiber speed by ten-fold. Detailed within a report published by USA Today, Pichette was speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference when he mentioned that developers at Google are attempting to achieve data transfer rates of 10 gigabits per second. This would be a significant increase over Google Fiber’s 1 gigabit per second rate and a massive boost over the average rate of 9.8 Mbps within the United States.

Google‘s plan to bring an upgraded, 10-Gbit Google Fiber capability to its existing customers is a terrific idea. It’s also one that its rivals have already begun working on, or even already deployed. In fact, if you work in Manhattan, chances are that your building is already on it. Google hasn’t said much about its plans, aside from its aim to bring the technology to market in three years, or about 2017. “That’s what we’re working on,” Patrick Pichette, the chief financial officer of Google, told the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference,according to USA Today.  “There’s no need to wait.” Google offers its gigabit ethernet package in Austin, Tex., Provo, Utah, and Kansas City, charging about $70 per month for a basic Internet package. Adding TV services can take it up to $120 or so per month.

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