How to disable the Xbox One's creepy spying features and save energy as well

For gamers who are concerned with their privacy, the Xbox One can be a bit scary. In order to support its voice-powered instant-on feature, the unit’s Kinect sensor is always listening to what’s going on in its surroundings, which just happen to be your living room and other rooms that are nearby. As such, the ability to speak “Xbox on” to boot the Xbox One in just a few seconds is both awesome and scary.

Powering on the Xbox One by voice command is a pretty cool feature, though you might feel a little silly doing so at first. Responding to the “Xbox on” command is one of the features of instant-on power mode. Instant-on power mode starts up the Xbox One in just 2 seconds and also lets automatic updates occur. For those who frequently play games, watch videos via Netflix and Amazon, or have live TV set up, instant-on will probably be the preferred power mode. For all others, the energy-saving mode may be the better choice.

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