HTC promises to provide major Android updates to all future flagship phones

HTC has certainly caught some flak in the past for decisions to stop providing major updates to some of its flagship hardware, including the One X, One X+ and One S. The company plans to make it up to us, though, because today HTC made an Android update commitment. During an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, HTC promised to provide major Android updates to its future North American flagship devices for two years after their launch.

Members of HTC’s product team have just started taking questions from Android fans over on Reddit, and they’re already dropping some goodies. After conceding that the company’s track record with updates isn’t spotless, they confirmed that HTC plans to bring “all major Android updates” to its forthcoming flagship devices for a full two years after they’ve been released. We can hazard a guess at what those new flagships may be, but it’s heartening to see HTC pledge prolonged support for its new phones. After all, few things are as frustrating as buying a shiny new smartphone only to see its maker basically forget about it after a few months. Sadly, HTC isn’t a stranger to that stuff: the company caught flack for refusing to update the One X past Android 4.2, a decision it made to maintain a level of software parity between the Tegra and Snapdragon variants floating around out there.

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