IBM and AT&T team up to boost threat protection within the enterprise

AT&T and IBM have announced a security-based partnership to boost threat protection within the enterprise. The prevalence of cyberthreats, with corporations and organizations worldwide often lucrative targets full of valuable, sensitive data has resulted in security becoming a top priority for many companies. If a firm becomes the victim of a high profile attack, Target proving to be a warning example, this can result in brand damage, the theft of data and loss of profit.

IBM and AT&T announced tonight a new strategic relationship to give businesses a simplified, single source for both network security and threat management. The two companies will offer business customers a joint service combining security network infrastructure with advanced threat monitoring and analytics. The internet and mobile businesses keep growing, but cyber threats are growing with them. Such threats threaten to leak boardroom secrets, bring down a company’s network, create compliance issues, lead companies to lose money, and impact brand reputation. But a silo-like approach to security doesn’t work, as threats run across multiple information technology environments. To deal with that, AT&T and IBM will team up.

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