Leafly is a website and app that's like Yelp for weed

The future is a place where you can get the urge to smoke some weed on a whim while out bar-hopping, whip out your smartphone, search hundreds of different strains to find exactly what kind of high you’re looking for, and then pick up an eighth at the pot shop closest to your current location.

As the United States marijuana industry makes its seemingly inevitable, albeit hazy, march out from the black market and into legality, pot consumers are gradually discovering they have the ability to be discerning. In the 20 states that permit medical marijuana, as well as the pair of states—Colorado and Washington—that have legalized it for recreational use, potential potheads no longer have to worry about the long arm of the law when picking up a dime bag. Instead, people’s concerns about buying pot are coming to look a lot more like those about ordering Chinese food or renting a pair of skis: Where do I go to get the stuff I like at the cheapest price?

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