New horror game gets harder the more scared you are using biofeedback tech

Horror games can be scary enough on their own—do we really need one that measures our heart rate and gets harder as we get more scared? Maybe we do. Maybe. We. Do.P That’s the concept behind Nevermind, a game that’s already garnered a bunch of positive buzz due to its intriguing prototype and is now raising development funds on Kickstarter.

In horror-adventure game Nevermind, your performance is influenced by your emotional state. Nevermind is built on biofeedback technology: You hook up a heart-rate monitor and play, becoming more unhinged by the PC game’s subject matter, after which tasks and scenarios immediately ramp up in difficulty. Like other first-person adventure games in the vein of Myst, you must navigate strange environments in Nevermind and solve the puzzles within before you can progress.

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