Nokia rumored to have multiple Android smartphones in the works

All hope may not be lost. A significant amount of information on the Android-powered Nokia X has leaked out that suggests that it’s a very low-end device with a dual-core processor, half a gig of RAM and a petty WVGA display. Our hopes of a high-end, Lumia-like Android device have been dashed. However, a new report has managed to raise our spirits back up.

The Nokia X is not the only Android-powered device the company is working on, claims a new rumor. While they won’t make an appearance at Mobile World Congress, two more Android smartphones are apparently being developed in the product line, with both mobile phones said to offer far higher specifications than the entry-level internals touted for this week’s expected launch. The second device is being tentatively titled the Nokia XX in internal e-mails, reports TechQQ, and will be the middle-offering of the range. The third, an unrevealed name, is said to be the equivalent of a flagship device, though for this and the Nokia XX, no exact specifications have been suggested. The devices are claimed to launch in May and June respectively. 

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