Startup aims to help other startups avoid "bad actors"

Since September 2013, Securities and Exchange Commission rules have prohibited certain types of securities offerings from being made if anyone with a history of financial fraud is involved. The prohibition applies to “crowdfunding” — that is, sales of securities by start-up companies or small businesses to large numbers of investors over the internet. CrowdCheck’s new Bad Actor Report is an invaluable tool that will help companies and financial intermediaries making these offerings avoid “bad actors” and protect their offerings.

Raising money to launch or grow your business is often a go-big or go-home moment. You get the money you need to move forward, or you don’t. It’s not a time when you can afford to mess up. While recent law changes could make the fundraising process easier, if you violate certain regulations, you could end up having to give all the money you raised back to your investors. CrowdCheck wants you to avoid that. The Alexandria, Va.-based team of securities lawyers set up shop approximately two years ago, just before the JOBS Act — or Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act — was officially inked by President Obama. Their goal is to help you identify any ‘bad actors’ involved closely in your company’s fundraise. This includes your company’s officers, directors, stakeholders who hold more than 20 percent of your company’s stock and anyone promoting your fundraise or acting as an intermediary.  

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