T-Mobile CEO responds email suggesting BlackBerry users switch to an iPhone

Quite a few BlackBerry users have been reaming T-Mobile’s CEO on Twitter due to a recent email blast the company sent out. A few BlackBerry users reported getting an email from T-Mobile recommending that their BlackBerry users upgrade to an iPhone 5S. Team BlackBerry has been hammering CEO John Legere and he finally responded today.

As you might have heard the other day, T-Mobile had been sending out emails which seemingly trolls BlackBerry customers into switching to the iPhone. It’s not common for carriers to advertise new phones or make promotions, but the way T-Mobile did it was that they were asking BlackBerry users to “upgrade” to the iPhone 5s, suggesting that the iPhone 5s was superior and that BlackBerry devices were considered to be inferior. It seems that not many customers were appreciative of T-Mobile’s aggressive and borderline trollish campaign and have voiced their displeasure.

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