Tango PC offers the power of a desktop with the size of a smartphone

If your desktop computer was small enough to fit in your pocket, would you take it with you everywhere? Tango thinks the answer is yes, and they are betting their crowdsourcing campaign will convince you they are right. There are several companies out there in the process of creating the everywhere computer, a machine that can come with you and simply dock into your individually-crafted scenarios.

If you thought the $3,000 Mac Pro was small for a desktop, you should check out the new Tango PC, which will fit in the palm of your hand, yet run desktop operating systems like Windows 7 andWindows 8. Measuring about half an inch thick, 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, the Tango PC is tiny. So tiny that you can use your mitts to comfortably carry it around, or stuff it in your purse, pocket or backpack and forget that it’s even there to begin with. But for something that that’s small, it’s got some respectable specs as well. The entry level $349 Tango PC nets you a box with the system, a docking station, an AMD A6-5200 2GHz quad-core processor, a 32GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, and a trial version of Windows 7. Upping to a Tango PC with the 64-bit flavor of Windows 7 brings the price of the unit to $449. As of this writing, there’s 25 days left in the campaign, which has received $261,352 in funds, shattering its goal of $100,000.

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