Used iPhone 5S sells for $1,500 because it has Flappy Bird installed on it

Instead of reveling in the success of his game, Flappy Bird, its creator has decided to remove the game from all the app stores that it is available in at the moment, claiming that he “cannot take this anymore”. He claims it has nothing to do with legal issues, but many speculate that could be the case. Well whatever it is, if you weren’t quick on the draw in downloading the game, you will not be able to get your hands on it anymore, unless you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it, of course. 

Flappy Bird may be gone, but while many are mourning its passing, others are seeing a rather drastic market opportunity. Within hours of the game disappearing from the App Store (seemingly) forever, listings have turned up on Ebay selling iPhones that have the game installed. At time of posting, the “cheapest” offer was for an iPhone 5S at $650 (it’s already got one bid), while you could buy a 32GB gold iPhone 5S for $1500. Used. Note that an unlocked iPhone 5S is $750 in the US. That’s brand new, sealed in the box, straight from Apple. Before you laugh at these morons, look at the phone in your own hand. If it’s a relatively recent iPhone, and you have Flappy Bird installed, you no longer have just a phone. You have a piece of history, one that you too could put on eBay, charge stupid prices for then have nobody pay.

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