Verizon to offer $100 to all new customers this month

Competition in the mobile industry is pretty stiff at the moment, with carriers finding all sorts of ways to entice customers to switch from a different carrier and hop aboard their network. It isn’t too surprising then to learn that Verizon could be offering something of their own to entice customers to sign up with their network. It appears that Verizon is willing to offer customers $100 in credit towards their bill if they were to sign up for a new line with them within the next 3 weeks.

Looking to activate a new line with a smartphone or mobile data device on Verizon? Well you’ll be able to receive a $100 bill credit if you do so in the next three weeks. Reading from internal training document given to Android Central, it looks as though Verizon is ready to offer a $100 discount for any new line of service started from February 7th to February 28th, so long as it comes with a two-year agreement. The $100 credit will be applied to your third billing cycle, so in order to receive it you’ll at least have to stay with the carrier a full 60 days (there’s always fine print somewhere.)

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