Yahoo ties mobile ads and native search together with Gemini

Yahoo has launched a self-service set of tools called Gemini for mobile search and native advertising. Per a rep for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based digital company, it believes a one-stop shop for the two ad units could make a difference in attracting brand marketers. Until recently, its mobile search ads were available via the Bing Ads platform. Now they can be found with Yahoo’s 10-month-old native promos through Gemini, which fits into the Yahoo Ad Manager platform that  CEO Marissa Mayer unveiled in January at CES. 

Yahoo has long talked a big talk about making a bigger, better footprint in the mobile advertising game. Now, with Gemini, a tool the company just launched that combines native search and mobile ads, it just might be able to walk the walk — or at least make a move on Twitter and Facebook’s fat slice of the mobile pie. Gemini, which Yahoo yesterday announced on Tumblr, is a self-serve all-in-one solution for native advertising and mobile search. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Internet giant is calling the “unified marketplace” tool the first of its kind to tie the two ad styles together. (Like twins? Presumably that’s how they came up with the name Gemini.)

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