Yandex wants to take Google out of Android

While Android might be available for OEMs to install on their phones, if they are hoping to be able to use Google’s services, like access to the Play Store, for example, they will require permission from Google. Unless of course you were to run a forked version of Android which is what companies like Amazon have done, and also appears to be what Nokia will be doing. That being said, it looks like there is one company is that is hoping to encourage Android OEMs to take the forked route, and it is none other than Russian giant, Yandex.

While Google is actively trying to reduce Android fragmentation by imposing certain conditions to partner companies —including forcing them to use the latest Android OS versions on new devices in order to get access to Google apps and the Play Store — other companies are ready to help OEMs create their own Android forks. TechCrunch reports that Russian giant Yandex has now released its own Yandex.Kit to help OEMs fork Android to their hearts’ content. Yandex is basically encouraging OEMs to offer users a Google-free Android experience by using its own services instead of the Google services mobile device users will get with Google-approved Android devices.

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