to begin selling linear TV commercials through its ad-buying platform

AOL says it has begun selling television ads through its programmatic video exchange, as it looks to take a bite out of the $68.5 billion dollar television advertising pie. But there’s only one issue: the company won’t say which networks they’re working with. Problems sourcing inventory have plagued other digital ad-tech companies,such as Google, which tried,to get into the TV game late last decade. So AOL’s vague description of its partners , it says buyers can reach nearly 100 cable networks but won’t say which ones.

Looks like video advertising platform will be doing more to live up to the “TV” part of its name. The company is announcing that ad buyers won’t just be purchasing desktop and mobile ads through its Audience Path product, but linear TV commercials (i.e., regular TV commercials) too. (which, like TechCrunch, was acquired by AOL) says its TV ad inventory has a potential reach of 90 million US households across nearly 100 cable networks. The company declined to get more specific about where the ads are going to run, except that it’s “an inventory mix from MVPDs, and cable and network TV programmers.”

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