Android Wear is Google's new platform for wearables

Earlier this month, Google’s Senior Vice President of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai did mention that Android Wear was coming in a “couple of weeks”, and more details about this new Android has come up today as Google officially announces Android Wear, an OS dedicated to wearables, but also smart appliances. The first devices to benefit from Android Wear are going to be the watches.

Google’s getting into smartwatches in a rather large way. As previously reported, the search giant is extending its Android platform to more wearables than just Glass. In a blog post that went out today, Google announced Android Wear, which is essentially a way for the company to extend its mobile OS to a new category of devices while offering a lower cost for developers and users — think Nexus for smartwatches. Of course, smartwatches are just the beginning, Google acknowledged that there’s plenty more to come, but it was ” starting with the most familiar wearable.”

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