Anti-violent video game Senator arrested for firearm trafficking

Video game enthusiasts might recognize California state senator Leland Yee as one of the biggest critics of violent video games. Yesterday, he and 25 other defendants were arrested and tried for fraud and gun trafficking of all things. Can someone open a dictionary and look up the word irony for me, because I think this might be it? Yee is most famous for sponsoring a 2005 anti-violent video game bill which would criminally punish anyone who sells a violent video game to an minor.

California state senator Leland Yee, who wrote the law the Supreme Court overturned in a landmark 2011 decision establishing video games as a form of protected expression, was arrested on charges of bribery and corruption Wednesday morning, according to several news reports. The FBI raided Yee’s office at the state capitol in Sacramento, reported KCRA-TV, and the FBI also raided homes and businesses elsewhere in the city and in the Bay Area, where Yee’s district is located. Yee is a candidate for California secretary of state. KGO-TV of San Francisco reported that the FBI sweep involves suspected gang members.

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