Apple's "failed" iPhone 5c still sells better than most Android phones

The iPhone 5c didn’t live up to Apple’s lofty standards. But the device might be doing much better than initially thought. A new report by Apple Insider reveals a pretty telling chart in the smartphone fight, one that might surprise (or not) a few iPhone 5c naysayers. Perhaps it was Apple’s failure to price the iPhone 5c than the device itself being bad. 

From the constant harping about the supposed “failure” of Apple’s iPhone 5c, you’d think the phone is selling poorly. The reality is that middle tier model, while dramatically less popular than Apple’s top of the line iPhone 5s, still managed to outsell every Blackberry, every Windows Phone and every Android flagship in the winter quarter, including Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Apple’s fiercest critics spent most of 2013 complaining that the company wasn’t “innovative enough,” but its latest high-end iPhone, the 64-bit iPhone 5s With Touch ID, managed to outsell every other flagship smartphone on any platform, by far, becoming the world’s best selling handset.

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