Chinese protests over IBM-Lenovo server deal continue to escalate

Hundreds of striking workers at an IBM server factory in China have decided to leave their jobs, disappointed with the U.S. company and the wages they will get once Lenovo takes over the factory. IBM plans to transfer ownership of the Chinese factory, as part of its proposal to sell its x86 server business to Lenovo. But on March 3, about 1,000 workers started protesting against IBM and its offer to employees to either move to Lenovo or take a severance package.

Over 1,000 workers at the Shenzhen-based IBM ISTC, one of the strategic manufacturing bases of IBM’s global integrated supply chain, continue their 8.30am – 9.30pm routine and come to the factory everyday. The only difference, during the past eight days, they have been grabbing loudspeakers and staging strikes. “There is nothing to be afraid of. We shall see who will win in the end,” said a 25-year-old striker. “The company keeps bluffing about us violating company rules, but the staff at the labor authority told us that a collective ‘work stoppage’ is in no way against any law in China.”

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