Comcast and Verizon to begin selling House of Cards

Although the award-winning House of Cards seems to be synonymous with Netflix U.S.streaming service, that is only the beginning of its distribution life. The drama’s producers, Media Rights Capital have sold Sony the right to capitalize on a broader distribution for the older episodes. It may be counter-intuitive, but this does not hurt Netflix in the U.S.

Two of the Nation’s biggest Multi-system Operators (MSOs) are laying the groundwork to sell episodes from Season One of Netflix’s popular series House of Cards. According to MultiChannel News, Comcast is in negotiations with Sony for the rights to sell the show via its on-demand DVRs now, and Verizon is already doing so through its EST service. The price for HD versions of aging House of Cards episodes in a non-Neflix world?  A cool $3 each. If you haven’t done the math yet, here it is all spelled out: To own all 13 episodes, you’d pay nearly five times the price of a monthly Netflix subscription.

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