Dogecoin users raise $50,000 to bring clean water to Kenya

The latest fundraising effort by the dogecoin community is looking to raise money to help provide water for people in drought-striken Kenya. The Doge4Water campaign is seeking to raise 40 million dogecoin by Saturday, 22 March which is World Water Day. So far the campaign has raised just north of 16.6 million dogecoin in the eight days since the campaign was launched.

Ever since Dogecoin‘s inception December, users have had far more fun giving away the cryptocurrency than hoarding it. With one dogecoin worth literally less than a grain of sand (to be more specific, on Dec. 18 one coin was worth $0.00025), Reddit and 4chan users tipped each other hundreds of thousands of coins for pure fun. Today this freewheeling tipping culture still exists only. But now, it’s really doing some good. On Friday mysterious Dogecoin enthusiast @savethemhood donated 14 million Dogecoins via Twitter to Doge4Water, a Dogecoin Foundation-powered wells for clean water in the Tana River area of Eastern Kenya. The campaign was also spearheaded by Eric Nakagawa, the creator of lolcat hub I Can Has Cheezburger.

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