Employee exclusive white Xbox One goes up for sale on eBay

A handful of Microsoft employees are looking to make a few extra bucks by selling their exclusive white and silver Xbox One gaming console—a Microsoft freebie gifted to workers in August. Ten white versions of the machine have appeared on eBay, available for upwards of $3,500 from nine different sellers. The bundle, handed out to Redmond’s employees for free ahead of the public Xbox One launch, comes with a white controller, black Kinect sensor, and one year of Xbox Live. 

Back in August, a number of Microsoft employees were gifted an exclusive white and silver Xbox One as the company’s way of saying “thanks” for the hard work they put into the project. Now it appears that some lucky recipients are looking to make a quick buck from the gift as no less than 10 of these rare consoles recently surfaced on eBay. The standard employee bundle includes a white controller stamped with the phrase “I Made This,” a black Kinect sensor and a year’s subscription to Xbox Live. The white console, meanwhile, also features the aforementioned phrase along with the text “LAUNCH TEAM 2013” and a 500GB hard drive.

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