Facebook takes on Snapchat with update for its iOS app

One of the reasons Snapchat is so popular is because users have unprecedented control over who they share their photos with and who can see them. Facebook is looking to capitalize on that in their latest update for its iOS app. Facebook launched the update today for iOS 8.0 which offers users an easy way to share photos only with friends. The option allows users to select individual friends their photos will appear for in the News Feed.

Don’t want all your friends to see your photos? That’s a big reason Snapchat has become so popular, and now Facebook wants to capitalize on more private sharing.Facebook for iOS 8.0, released today, offers an easy “Share with only these friends” option, allowing you to select specific people who you want your photo to appear to in News Feed. The selector works and even looks a bit like Snapchat. Now whenever you go to share a status update, or photo, you’ll see the audience of that post at the top. For most people that’s set to “Friends”, but a tap reveals the selector where you can choose from your pre-made friend lists or individuals to share with by tapping their Snapchat-esque bubbles. To do this before, you’d have to make a new friend list each time you shared, which I doubt anyone was doing.

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