Hackers can steal money from ATMs by sending them a text message

When you think of hackers hacking ATMs, you probably envision them holding tools that plugs into the ATM, or perhaps create ATM card skimmers that lets them steal account information and passwords. Well in a surprising hack discovered by security vendor, Symantec, it seems that hackers have found a way to make a certain type of ATM spew out cash via text message.

A group of enterprising cybercriminals has figured out how to get cash from a certain type of ATM — by text message. The latest development was spotted by security vendor Symantec, which has periodically written about a type of malicious software it calls “Ploutus” that first appeared in Mexico. The malware is engineered to plunder a certain type of standalone ATM, which Symantec has not identified. The company obtained one of the ATMs to carry out a test of how Ploutus works, but it doesn’t show a brand name. Ploutus isn’t the easiest piece of malware to install, as cybercriminals need to have access to the machine. That’s probably why cybercriminals are targeting standalone ATMs, as it is easy to get access to all parts of the machine.

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