Hackers have already managed to get Milk Music on other Android devices

Earlier, Samsung announced its new Milk Music player, and we’re really digging all that it offers, especially for a free service. One limitation, however, is that the official version is really only available for select Samsung Galaxy devices, which means owners of other smartphone brands were left out in the cold. Or does it? The Android modding community quickly jumped on the Milk Music release and has already found a way to get it running on different devices.

Despite the silly name, Samsung’s Milk Music service seems like a handy thing to have. It offers unlimited ad-free streaming of hundreds of music stations with the ability to create and refine your own stations. However, it’s only for Samsung phones. If you have root access, there’s a way around that and it’s not even very hard. You’re going to need a capable file manager with root support. Total Commander is good, as is Root Explorer. First, find and back up your build.prop file in the /system directory (it can be restored later). Now open the build.prop and find the product, brand, and manufacturer lines. If you are using a Nexus 5, for example, those lines read ‘Nexus 5’ and ‘Google.’ It will be different for every phone. Edit the lines to read as follows.

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