HTC One rumored to have colored LED smart cover

We’re closing in fast on the official reveal date for the all new HTC One  and with March 25th still more than 2 weeks ahead of us, we were wondering just how much more of the device would leak before its unveiling. We already received an interesting 12-minute hands-on of the phone last week, along with a benchmark following a few days later. Today,[email protected] giving us yet another look at the all HTC One, this time as it appears snugly inside its all new flip cover. 

From the “active notifications” of the Moto X to the e-ink second screen around the back of the Yotaphonemobile manufacturers are constantly experimenting with ways to display important alerts without draining battery life. If a freshly leaked image is to be believed, it looks like the next incarnation of the HTC One will have an innovative new approach to the conundrum. Once again we’re indebted to master secret spiller @evleaks for the picture, which comes with the caption “Holes. Time. Colors.” It appears that we’re looking at some kind of smart cover which uses color LEDs to show local weather conditions, the current time, and presumably other important notifications as well.


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