Intel acquires high-end fitness tracker startup Basis Science

Intel has acquired Basis Science, a startup that makes a high-end fitness tracker called the Basis band, adding to its stable of wearable devices acquisitions. The Basis band is larger and more expensive than some other fitness trackers on the market, but it also offers more features. Intel sees this latest acquisition as a major entry point into the health-tracking market.

Intel’s recent surge into the burgeoning wearable technology space has been boosted by the purchase of Basis Science, the makers of the Basis Band wrist accoutrement. The acquisition, reportedly somewhere in the range of $100m (£60m, AU$109m), gives Intel traction immediate traction in the market as it seeks to create a host of smart wearables. The self-proclaimed ‘World’s Most Advanced Health Tracker,’ the Basis Band, offering skin temperature and perspiration sensors, as well as measuring the wearer’s blood flow and heart rate.

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