Microsoft to unveil DirectX 12 at GDC later this month

That death knell AMD has been ringing for DirectX? Microsoft’s having none of it. The software giant is now teasing the next version of the Windows graphics API, inviting developers to join it at GDC for the official reveal of DirectX 12. The splash page reveals little besides the version’s numeric and announcement time, but it does feature partner logos for Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia and, of course, AMD. AMD’s disdain for the platform helped birth Project Mantle.

Anid all the rumors surrounding Microsoft’s DirectX platform, a collection of APIs used by developers primarily to build games for Microsoft’s services, the company has teased a new version that will be announced later this month (via Polygon). Details of DirectX 12 will be unveiled on March 20 at the Game Developers Conference. Partners that will support this new suite of APIs include AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm, according to the teaser page Microsoft has launched.A description for the conference, where Windows Graphics’ development manager Anuj Gosalia will be speaking, sheds a bit more light on what direction Microsoft is moving towards for its refreshed DirectX platform.

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