Milk Music is Samsung's next venture into the music streaming market

Samsung is taking on Apple’s iTunes Radio, as well as Pandora, Spotify, and a host of other companies in the competitive streaming music business, but it picked an innocuous name to do it. Milk Music, launched Friday and available now in the Google Play store, is Samsung’s latest foray into a music service, this time a streaming radio offering. It’s free to download and free to listen to, and importantly, unlike iTunes Radio, it doesn’t have ads.

It seems just about everyone wants a glossy new streaming music service to call their own. Samsung today unveiled Milk Music, a free and attractive new streaming music app that seems to be its answer to iTunes Radio. The catch? The app is only available for Samsung’s Galaxy Android smartphones (although I’m sure tablet support is in the works, as well). Milk Music is actually a new incarnation of Samsung’s Music Hub app, which launched back in 2012 as its homegrown iTunes alternative. Samsung shut down that app in the U.S. back in December — probably because there wasn’t really much differentiating it from the plethora of other music services out there. With Milk Music, on the other hand, Samsung seems to be trying hard to offer something new and fun.

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