Nokia takes on Lytro with refocusable images option

In keeping with their promises during the Lumia 1520 launch, the Nokia Refocus imaging app is now available to everything with a PureView camera. The next wave of smartphone cameras aren’t going to focus on the most megapixels. Software is what matters now, and Nokia has demonstrated that their camera tools are more than capable. The Nokia Refocus app enables Lytro-style refocusing by taking multiple photos at different focal points and stitching them together in software. 

Tired of having your mobile phone cameras focus on the wrong thing in an image? An update to Nokia Lumina phones will help you fix that. Nokia announced today that an update to its Nokia Refocus app enables all Lumia smartphone owners to take refocusable images. This enables people to change the picture’s focus after you take it. Say you want to better highlight the main object in a picture. You can blur the background so that your subject stands out better. The app is in the Windows Phone store. “As we have seen with the great imaging apps like Nokia Camera before, lots of people have been asking for it and we responded,” said Jens Eggert, Nokia’s lead program manager for Refocus, on the company’s blog. “You spoke. We listened.”

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