Pioneer reportedly working on bringing Apple's CarPlay to more cars

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled their new vehicle initiative called CarPlay. This was basically a rebranding of iOS in the Car that was shown off last year. CarPlay is a good idea but unfortunately it requires vehicle manufacturers to participate in the program and install the system into vehicles. Apple has done a good job of getting a variety of manufacturers to come on board CarPlay, but unfortunately not all vehicle models will get it.

Apple’s launch of iOS 7.1 includes benefits like CarPlay, which is Apple’s new way of interacting with your vehicle. The only sad part is that at the moment, nobody can actually use it, and this is mainly because you require a vehicle that’s compatible with CarPlay, and these won’t see the road until later this year. With the Jailbreak community losing its luster in the last couple of years, many of us have been worried that the only way we’ll use this service is buying a new car, but it seems that a company is planning to solve that for us.

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