Puffchat is just like a completely terrible version of Snapchat

Puffchat, a competitor with popular app Snapchat, has a few security flaws, say reports this week. User Thomas Hedderick found that the app, which claims to send messages that then disappear like Snapchat does, saves deleted messages and makes allegedly deleted photos accessible via the web. He also found that searching for anyone via the app can give them their username, birth date, and e-mail.

Snapchat imitator Puffchat is like any dime-a-dozen startup, attempting to capitalize on both the failures and popularity of its likeness. Except it seems to be really extra good at the failures part. When security problems somehow worse than Snapchat’s notorious (and avoidable) December security disaster were brought to the attention of its UK based founder Mike Suppo, things went from bad to worse in what can best be described as an incurable, likely fatal case of being a complete idiot. Unlike Snapchat, Suppo chose not to continue ignoring the problem. Suppo simply decided that the problem was the hacker’s public disclosure of Suppo’s security failures, and also the problem of the hacker’s total actual existence. And facts.

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