Rhapsody ends partnership with Echo Nest

Streaming music service Rhapsody has stopped using music recommendation data from partner The Echo Nest, the company announced today. The Echo Nest’s platform provides developers of music apps with access to lots of music data-related services to recommend songs, power smart radio stations, and more. However, earlier this month music streaming leaderSpotify acquired Echo Nest, deeming its technology invaluable to its own operations. 

Rhapsody today announced that it is ending its partnership with The Echo Nest, just weeks after the music intelligence company was acquired by Spotify. Seattle-based Rhapsody said it has “never been completely satisfied with recommendations from any third party,” and will now develop its own music personalization feature. Earlier this month, Rdio also announced that it would end its partnership with Echo Nest following the Spotfiy acquisition. Microsoft, which uses technology from Echo Nest for Xbox Music, said that it will continue working with the company. The Echo Nest’s music discovery technology is like a personal DJ that creates playlists based on listener’s preferences. 

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